Do you work in a small winery with the goal of increasing its presence on social media but you don’t want where to start from?

Is your winery already well established but you think the time has come to start work in a more structured way on your marketing strategy? 

Do you have many projects and ideas, but not enough resources and you’d like to hand part of these ideas to a professional, to focus on the rest?

Every business, depending on its size and its goals, requires a different project. A tailor-made.

This is why an initial call is necessary to understand together what the business needs, whether it’s a turnkey project, the management of some communication activities, or a training programme so the current staff can become independent and effective.

  • Content creation of product sheets, brochures and promotional materials 
  • Content creation of advertorials 
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation and planning of newsletters
  • White papers and other institutional materials
  • Web sites
  • Translation from Italian and French into English 
  • Correction and editing of translated texts
  • Web marketing and  social media marketing modules
  • Wine tourism hospitality 
  • CRM courses
  • Brand strategy
  • Organisation of co-marketing activities

These are only some examples. If you want to find out more about these services, or you’d like to tell me what you think you might need for your business, book a free 30-minute consultancy call so we can get started.