Internet of Things in the Vineyard – lessons from the Social Media Week Rome 2017

Implications of Iot in Wine making

Internet of Things in¬†the Vineyard –¬†slides (in Italian) from the¬†Social Media Week Rome 2017 by¬†Slawka G. Scarso A couple of weeks ago, in Rome, the¬†Social Media Week¬†took place. I had been following them for a while and this year I suggested a panel on the Internet of Things in the vineyard, a topic I’m very […]

Diageo launches Decisions, a virtual reality video against drinking and driving

diageo - decisions VR video screenshot

The¬†official launch, a few days ago, follows the announcement early in June.¬†Diageo, a corporation including¬†brands such as¬†Smirnoff, Baileys, Johnny Walker¬†and¬†Guinness¬†launched a virtual reality video called¬†“Decisions” that aims at convincing consumers not to drink and drive. The plot The video lasts little over 4 minutes and shows three cars. In one¬†there’s a young couple of parents […]